The following is a list of institutions considered to be human rights centers as defined in this Directory or are likely to be such centers. They could not be included in the main listing of the human rights centers due to lack of adequate information for their profile or failure to get their agreement to have their profiles included in the Directory. Those who are interested in knowing more about them can at least start their search for information with the names and countries where they belong.




Central Asia


• Azerbaijan Human Rights Centre (AHRC)
• Human Rights House in Baku


• Institute for Women’s Studies and Research



• Center for Conflict Management (CCM)
• “Zharia”


• Jalal-Abad Regional Human Rights Organization “Spravedlivost”
• Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights


• Human Rights Center
• Independent Center for the Protection of Human Rights
• Republican Center for Information and Documentation on Human Rights
• Tajik Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law (BHRRL)
• Tajik Women Rights NGO “Modar”


• Center for Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law(CSHRHL)
• Ferghana Regional Center of Socio-legal Support for Women and Teenagers
• Human Rights Interest Club
• Tashkent State Law Institute



Northeast Asia


• Center for Human Rights Law, Sichuan University
• Centre for Human Rights Studies, Fudan University
• Centre for Mass Communication of Law
• Human Rights Center, Shantou University
• Human Rights Center, Jiaotong University


• The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture (FRPAC)
• Fukui Human Rights Center (Fukui Jinken Center)

• Fukuoka Human Rights Awareness Information Center

• Gifu Prefectural Human Rights Awareness Center (Gifu Jinken Keihatsu Center)
• Human Rights Research Center, Hiroshima Shudo University
• Institute for Human Rights Research and Education, Kwansei Gakuin University
• Kanagawa Human Rights Center
• Kanagawa Prefectural Human Rights Awareness Promotion Council
• Kita-kyushu Human Rights Awareness Center

• Kochi Human Rights Awareness Center
• Kure City Human Rights Center
• Kurume Human Rights Awareness Center
• Meiwa Human Rights Center (Meiwa Jinken Center)
• Mie Prefectural Human Rights Awareness Center (Mie Jinken Keihatsu Center)
• Mie Kuwana Municipal Human Rights Center (Kuwana Jinken Center)
• Iga Human Rights Center (Iga Jinken Center), Mie prefecture
• Miyazaki Association of Human Rights Awarenes
• Nagano Prefectural Human Rights Awareness Center (Nagano Jinken Keihatsu Center)
• Omi-hachiman Human Rights Center (Omi-hachiman Jinken Center)
• Koga Human Rights Center (Koga Jinken Center, Shiga prefecture
• Shiga Prefectural Liberation Center (Shiga Kaihou Kenmin Center)
• Shimane Hamada Dowa Education Awareness Center
• Masuda Human Rights Center, Shimane prefecture
• Shizuoka Prefectural Human Rights Awareness Center (Shizuoka Jinken Keihatsu Center)
• Tochigi Human Rights Awareness Information Center (Tochigi Jinken Keihatsu Center)
• Yonago Human Rights Information Center (Yonago Jinken Joho Center), Tottori prefecture
• Wakayama Prefectural Human Rights Education Awareness Center


• Ansan Human Rights Center
• The Buddhism Human Rights Committee of Korea
• Busan Human Rights Center
• Catholic Human Rights Committee
• Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Peace - Chonnam National University
• Dasan Human Rights Center
• Kwangju Human Rights Activities Center
• Human Rights Center, Seoul National University
• Human Rights and Social Development Research Institute, Korea University
• Human Rights Law Centre, Pusan National University
• Human Rights Education and Research Center, Yeungnam University
• Human Rights Education and Research Center, Ewha Womans University
• Human Rights Center, Chungnam National University
• Public Law and Human Rights Law Center, Seoul National University




• Mongolian Human Rights Center




• Australian Centre for Human Rights Education
• Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights



Southeast Asia


• Center for Human Rights Studies, Islamic University of Bandung
• Center for Human Rights Studies, Bung Hatta University
• Center for Human Rights Studies, Jenderal Soedirman University
• Center for Human Rights Studies, Panca Marga University
• Center for Human Rights and Democracy Studies, Atmajaya University

• Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Widya Mataram University
• Center for Research and Development of the Constitution and Human Rights, Sebelas Maret University
• Human Rights Research Center, Diponegoro University
• Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Studies Center, Trisakti University
• Research Center for Human Rights, Makassar State University
• Research Center for Human Rights, Pattimura University
• Research Center for Human Rights, Udayana University



South Asia



• Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights
• Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar
• Center for Services on Information on Disability (CSID)


• Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace (ACJP)
• Asmita Resource Center for Women
• Centre for Child and the Law
• Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS)
• Centre for Dalit Human Rights (CDHR)
• Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT)
• Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Studies
• Center for Human Rights and Justice
• Centre for Human Right’s Studies and Awareness (CHRSA)
• Centre for Research and Training
• Center for Social Research
• Centre for the Study of Casteism, Communalism and Law (CSCCL)
• Center for the Study of Human Rights and Democracy
• Centre for Women & the Law (CWL)
• Center for Women’s Development Studies
• Dr. K. R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit and Minorities Studies
• Ensaaf
• Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation (HRARF)
• Indian Institute of Human Rights (IIHR)
• Legal Assistance Forum
• Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group
• National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
• National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR)
• Solidarity for Social Equality


• Human Rights Protection and Legal Research Center (HuRPLARC), Chitwan
• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Makawanpur
• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Kanchanpur
• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Udayapur
• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Sunsari

• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Jhapa
• Community Legal Research Centre (CLRC), Banke
• Himalayan Human Rights Monitors

Sri Lanka

• Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum



West Asia


• Bahraini Association for Human Rights
• Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR)
• Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Bahrain


• Ensan Center for Democracy and Human Rights
• Institute of Women’s Studies, Birzeit University
• Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information
• The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment LAW


• Observatory Centre for Environment and Human Rights
• Equality Centre for Democratic Studies and Research
• Hayat Centre for Society Civil Development


• Women’s Rights Monitor
• The Foundation for Human and Humanitarian Rights
• Palestinian Human Rights Organization (PHRO)


• Mandela Institute for Human Rights
• Shaml, The Palestinian Refugee and Diaspora Centre


• Centre for South-West Asia and the Arab Region, OHCHR
• Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking


• Kurdish Committee for Human Rights

United Arab Emirates

• The Emirates Association for Human Rights
• Emirates Media and Studies Center


• Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF)
• Women’s Forum for Research and Training - Yemen
• Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights
• The Information and Rehabilitation Centre for Human Rights