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Uzbekistan Centers


Known Centers based in Uzbekistan

If your center is not in this list and you want to be added, please contact HURIGHTS OSAKA and we will assist you.






Humanitarian Legal Center

Year Established: 2000

Short Historical Background

The Humanitarian Legal Center was set up by volunteers as a non-governmental human rights organization in 2000, now the Center consists of seven dedicated human rights people and hundreds of young people in the region, who are eager to spread human rights awareness to the whole Bukhara region in Uzbekistan. A particular challenge for the Center is the attitude of the authorities to its activities concerning corruption.


The main mission of the Center is to foster and strengthen a real democratic transformation in the society by promoting human rights awareness and providing assistance to victims of human rights violations.


Programs & Activities


  • Human rights education among the population of the Bukhara region. In the framework of a Local Initiative Project a Human Rights School was established. The school provides basic knowledge on human rights and launches special seminars with target groups - youth, workers, farmers, etc.
  • Carrying out monitoring and analysis of the human rights situation in the region
  • Providing legal protection and assistance to immigrant workers and other vulnerable groups (urban poor, small and mediumsized farmers)
  • Prevention of human trafficking, with emphasis on prevention of women trafficking
  • Developing elements of civil society in Bukhara region, establishing a coalition of non-governmental organizations
  • Campaigning for recognition of a wider set of political and civil rights
  • Activating the young people and helping them to integrate to the society.

Special Concerns

Human rights education, legal assistance to immigrant workers and victims of torture, prevention of human trafficking


Articles on human rights issues

  • Inter-ethnic conflicts in Uzbekistan - roots and consequences (Uzbekistan)
  • Tolerance - a myth or reality (Germany/Russia)
  • Uzbekistan - September 2001 (the Review of a political situation) (USA)
  • The grant (manual) for trainer-volunteers (co-authorship) (Uzbekistan, 2002)
  • Strategy of human rights movements in Uzbekistan - separate or dialogue 2004-2012 Internews (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
  • Crash of reforms in Uzbekistan - the report of the Osh Bureau of the International Crisis group 2005-12 (Belgium)
  • Interviews
  • New York Times USA - SF of TV USA – Radio “Freedom” Manuals
  • Basics of Human Rights Guide to Youth Leaders
  • Economic and Social Rights
  • Handbook of immigrant worker - Working abroad
  • Human trafficking- Challenges and Strategies


Other relevant information


Assistance to victims of torture - especially children and women victims


Humanitarian Legal Center
16, M. Gafur Str., 705011,
Bukhara City, Uzbekistan
ph (998-65) 224-30-27, (998 93) 458-10-86
fax (998-65) 223-55-32
e-mail: shuhrat9[a]gmail.com

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