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Kyrgyzstan Centers


Known Centers based in Kyrgyzstan

If your center is not in this list and you want to be added, please contact HURIGHTS OSAKA and we will assist you.






Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)

Year Established: 1997

Short Historical Background

The Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) is a non-commercial non-governmental organization, operating in Kyrgyzstan for sixteen years. The organization was established in November 1995 by the
group of students from different universities in Bishkek. The YHRG was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic in March of 1997.


YHRG aims to protect human rights and promote the ability of vulnerable groups to defend and assert their rights. In particular, it aims
1. To develop and promote proposals aimed at amending legislation and government policy, advocating judicial reform to defend the rights of vulnerable groups, bringing to account human rights
2. To defend victims through monitoring and analysis of human rights violations, disclosing information about human rights violations, and leading litigations on behalf of those who could not defend themselves independently. The organization actively advocates state transparency and accountability before citizens.
3. To assist young people in professional advancement in the human rights field and promotion of civic interests.

Programs and Activities

• Promotion of Legal Reform Program
The key priority of the program is to promote legal reform meeting international human rights standards and contributing to the development of civil society and democracy. The program focuses
on the use of international human rights protection mechanisms and dissemination of this experience. The program also engages in strategic litigation aimed at improving the legal framework for
it to comply with international human rights protection standards recognized by the Kyrgyz Republic.
• Child Rights Protection Program
The primary focus of the program is the protection of children living outside of their families in residential institutions, as well as protection of children in difficult life situations. The program includes
activities aimed at monitoring closed facilities for children, collection of empirical data about the situation and development of effective mechanisms for the protection of child rights.
• Development of the Medical-Psychological Expertise Program The primary objective of the program is to involve professional groups of physicians and psychologists in the protection and promotion
of human rights, change approaches to participation and the status of independent experts in the trial, as well as introduction of international standards on documentation of torture into the activity of experts and specialists.
• Promotion of Civic Initiatives Program
The program is aimed at empowering youth in the promotion and protection of their interests and rights, active civic position, shaping youth values in the spirit of democracy, promoting and
protecting human rights, and supporting inter-ethnic tolerance and cultural diversity. As well as the promotion of youth participation in the decision-making processes at the local and national levels.


Special Concerns


Rights of the child; human rights education and monitoring



• Reports in cooperation with other local non-governmental organizations that comment on the report published by the Kyrgyz government on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).
• Political Stabilization in the Kyrgyz Republic: Challenges and Perspectives, Conference materials
• Human rights in institutions for children deprived of family environment. Monitoring results report 2009-2010.
• A number of articles published in Russian language.


Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)
P.O. Box 1893
Bishkek City, 720000 Kyrgyzstan
ph (996 312) 486649
fax (996 312) 486650
e-mail: yhrg95[a]gmail.com

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