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New Zealand Centers

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New Zealand Centers




Known Centers based in New Zealand


If your center is not in this list and you want to be added, please contact HURIGHTS OSAKA and we will assist you.








Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa/New Zealand


Year Established:2001


Short Historical Background


In August 1999 a small group met for the first time at Vaughan Park in Auckland, to discuss the formation of an independent institution to progress human rights issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The meeting crystalized on-going discussion over a number of years. Two more meetings were later held in Auckland and one in Wellington which identified a high level of interest and enthusiasm from academics and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines concerned with human rights and social justice. The Foundation was formally established in established in December 2001.


The Human Rights Foundation is an independent Foundation for research-based promotion and advocacy of human rights from an Aotearoa/New Zealand - South Pacific perspective. It is a hub for independent human rights practitioners to exchange ideas, process research and training contracts and to provide a needed focus for supporting less popular initiatives (such as advocacy for refugees) and for broader education and debate on human rights issues.




The Foundation aims

1) To initiate and conduct research in the field of human rights

2) To publish the results of such research

3) To provide educational opportunities in the field of human rights

4) To advocate for policies which conform to human rights principles

5) To establish and maintain close links with other groups working to promote respect for and observance of human rights

6) To incorporate a Treaty perspective in all the objectives and work of the Foundation.


Programs and Activities


1. Research


• Survey the current state of human rights research in New Zealand

• Identify gaps in the knowledge revealed by that survey

• Raise awareness of the need for research

• Tender to carry out research work for the public and private sectors

• Assemble a list of associates capable of undertaking research work

• Arrange for senior students to undertake research


2. Publication


• Publish occasional papers on-line and possibly in journal form

• Arrange public lectures, seminars and workshops

• Arrange publication of feature articles in the media

• Establish web pages


3. Education and training


• Establish a comprehensive website

• Tender for human rights modules in secondary and tertiary institutions

• Undertake human rights training and other development activities in the human rights field

• Provide training courses for human rights advocates

• Provide knowledgeable speakers

• Involve young people in the Foundation's work

• Initiate public discussion

• Involve community television

• Initiate videos and documentaries with human interest appeal


4. Advocacy


• Organize briefings for Members of Parliament, local government representatives, business leaders and other special interest groups

• Initiate and contribute to legislative and policy development

• Conduct human rights campaigns


5. Linkages


• Conduct joint forums

• Tender jointly for research projects where appropriate

• Establish user-friendly website linkages

• Establish and maintain links with national and international bodies (both governmental and non-governmental) and with similar institutions in other jurisdictions





  • Immigration Bill 2007
  • Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill - May 2007
  • Social Security Amendment Bill - March 2007
  • Submission on the Composition of the Annual Refugee Quota (1/06/07 - 30/06/08) - Nov 2006
  • Corrections (Mothers with babies) amendment bill - September 2006
  • Human Rights (Women in Armed Forces) Amendment Bill - October 2006
  • Maori Purposes Bill - September 2006
  • Submission on the Government's housing strategy paper Building the Future
  • Freedom's Ramparts on the Sea
  • Newsletters




Human Rights Foundation Aotearoa/New Zealand

PO Box 106343 Auckland City








Directory of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Centers


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