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Kazakhstan Centers


Known Centers based in Kazakhstan

If your center is not in this list and you want to be added, please contact HURGHTS OSAKA and we will assist you.



Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (KIBHR)


Year Established: 1995


Short Historical Background


Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (KIBHR) was registered on 8 February 1995 by the Ministry of Justices of the Republic of Kazakhstan, re-registered on 4 March 1997 by the Ministry of Justice as a legal entity in the organizational-legal form of a public institution and re-registered once again in 2002 in the form of a public association.

It has eight branches in the main regions of the country (Aktau, Astana, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Uralsk, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Kostanai) and four representatives (Taldykorgan (Almaty Oblast), Taraz (Zhambyl Oblast), Aktobe (Aktobe Oblast) and in Kokshetau (Akmola Oblast)).





KIBHR aims

1) To study reforms of mechanisms for the exercise and protection of inalienable human rights and freedoms

2) To develop an information network of non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) human rights defenders, press monitoring and reporting in the region to alert the international, local and foreign NGOs , and State officials about the political, social, economic and inter-ethnic situation in the country and the implementation of international obligations by Kazakhstan in the field of human rights

3) To promote the development of large-scale international support for the democratic reforms in Kazakhstan

4) To render assistance in the preparation of draft laws, associated with human rights, analyze existing legislations, and promote reforms of the judicial and penitentiary systems

5) To promote the stabilization of political, economic and social situation in the country and the success of democratic forces

6) To interact with the executive authorities and provide public support to their decisions, if these decisions implement and protect the inalienable human rights and freedoms

7) To prepare and disseminate information and materials, including those from abroad, to propagate and support human rights

8) To monitor human rights situations and promote their full protection

9) To assist in protecting the rights of individuals and groups

10) To enlighten, educate and develop human rights training programs

11) To promote the development of a democratic legal state and open civil society in Kazakhstan and other States.





1) Human Rights Network – monitoring and raising public awareness on the human rights situation in the country

2) Education and Dissemination of Information on International Standards, Mechanisms and Procedures on Human Rights - raising public awareness on human rights protection

3) Influencing Law-Making Process and Law Enforcement Practices – promoting effective dialogue between human rights NGOs and state bodies, assisting in legal training of the law en¬forcement personnel

4) Free Access To Justice and Human Rights Advocacy.





1. Monitoring the human rights situation in Kazakhstan and disseminating information

2. Enlightenment, education and dissemination of information on international human rights standards, mechanisms and procedures to ensure and increase society’s awareness

3. Dialogue with the authorities to influence the process of lawmaking, assist in making Kazakhstani legislations adhere to the international human rights standards

4. Defense of the rights of individuals and groups.





Manuals (2003-2006) on

• Migrants

• Rights of imprisoned juveniles

• How to appeal the court decision on juveniles cases

• Women-prisoners

• Problems of torture in Kazakhstan

• Rights of migrants and asylum-seekers

• Rights of the child (for use by children and their parents)

• Rights and duties of persons sentenced to long periods and life imprisonment.







Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (KIBHR)

Rooms 404-405, 57 Masanchi

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 480012

ph (3272) 92-08-41

ph/fax: (3272) 62-68-11

e-mail: omaz@omaz.almaty.kz


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