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How to Update your Center Profile

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How to update your center profile


Update the information about your profile that currently appears in the Center List.



  • Scroll down until you find your center on the list, and then click the country link for that group of centers. (Note: If you do not see your center on the list, you need to submit your center's information to HURIGHTS OSAKA by following the instructions on the front page.)


  • Once you have clicked the country link you will be sent to a page that includes the profiles of all of the known Centers in that country.


  • Click "Edit page" to begin editing the information for your center. You will be prompted for a password to begin editing. This password was sent to you by email. If you have forgotten it, contact hurights for assistance. After entering the edit screen, press the "point and click" interface link in the upper right to make simplify editing. (Note: The page your are editing contains the information for all of the known centers in your country, so take care to only edit the information for your center.)


  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when finished.


Note: Please try to keep your information to not more than 1,000 words. Additional information about your Center can be covered by your Center's website, and/or inquiries can be sent to you directly.


After you have clicked "Save" your work is done.


Your information will immediately appear in the directory, and HURIGHTS OSAKA will receive an automatic notification with details of what you have modified. You can edit the information for your center as many times as you need.


- Harvey


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