About HURIGHTS OSAKA's Directory of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Centers


About the HURIGHTS OSAKA Human Rights Center Directory



This directory was created and is maintained by HURIGHTS OSAKA.




The Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center (HURIGHTS OSAKA) created this online Directory of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Centers to facilitate wider dissemination of human rights information in the region and beyond, support the development of human rights centers in the region, and provide opportunities for possible networking among them.


This Directory compiles the objectives, programs, activities, publications, other relevant information, and the contact details of the human rights centers in the region.


In this Directory, a human rights center is defined as an institution engaged in gathering and dissemination of information related to human rights. The information refers to the international human rights instruments, documents of the United Nations human rights bodies, reports on human rights situations, analyses of human rights issues, human rights programs and activities, and other human rights-related information that are relevant to the needs of the communities in the Asia-Pacific.


The human rights centers covered by this Directory are non-governmental, government-supported and university-based institutions.


This Directory serves as a tool to allow the “Asia-Pacific Human Rights Centers” to know which Centers exist and what human rights issues they cover. It provides information on initiatives being undertaken, and human rights resources available in the region. It allows the identification of areas that are not yet covered, giving motivation to create new projects. Human rights research activities, formal or otherwise, are highlighted in this Directory.


A printed version of this Directory was first published in 2008, while a second edition was published in 2013. Visit www.hurights.or.jp/archives/other_publications/ for the second edition of the Directory.


This online version of the Directory is maintained by HURIGHTS OSAKA. The listed Centers, on the other hand, update their respective profiles.